Alaska house of jade bed and breakfast

Alaska house of jade bed and breakfast

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Alaska Summer Packing List

Packing for Your Alaskan Adventure!

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A typical spring Alaskan day out walking the dog!
 Alaska saw almost 2 million visitors between October 2013 and September 2014 and I would bet a large number of them shared one common question; what do I need to pack?  The simple but not very helpful answer is bring lots of LAYERS!  But the types of layers to pack adds to the matter.  There are many variables to consider including types of activities you are planning, time of year, length of stay, even the transportation method to get to Alaska.  This article will focus more on what you should expect to bring for a typical Alaskan vacation between May and September.
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Perhaps the most important clothing items to pack for visitors are a warm fleece, light gloves, a hat to cover the ears, a light water proof rain jacket and rain pants. These are all items to wear over your daily comfortable clothes! Although it may seem like a lot for the summer time, any given day can range from between low 50s to upper 70s, with the average highs being in the mid to upper 60s.  The last place you want to be when a whale breaches or a pod of porpoises run along the ship's wake is inside the boat!  This is not to say to leave the summer gear at home.  The last few Alaskan summers have been hotter then normal bringing temperatures as high as the low 80's. 

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Alaska House of Jade Bed and Breakfast, Bed and Breakfast, Biking in Anchorage, Things to Do in AnchorageIf you’re heading up towards Fairbanks and the interior part of Alaska you may very well want to pack some lighter clothes as you could see temperatures into the mid to upper 80s, and with the sun being up for the better part of the day, sunscreen will be a necessity.  Shorts and short sleeve shirts will be welcomed.  Just keep in mind that the non-urban parts of Alaska are notorious for mosquitoes in June and July, and you will want to make sure you have some DEET.
Of course seeing wildlife, glaciers, waterfalls, and mountains is why you're coming right?  On any given trip to Alaska you will likely go hiking, sightseeing, fishing, rafting, wildlife viewing, and glacier viewing. For tips on things to do visit our website.  As mentioned, there are a lot more reasons people come to Alaska, but they almost always focus around the outdoors.  Anyone of these activities can require slightly different gear.  Specialized gear will more than likely be provided by your tour operator, however, the items mentioned below are basic necessities you will want to have just to be prepared!  

Basic Packing List

Long Sleeve Shirts
Long Pants
Backpack/Day Bag
Comfortable Shoes
Light Rain Jacket
Water bottle
Wool Socks
Waterproof Pants
Mosquito Repellent
Hat w/ Bill
Tight fitting gloves
Small dry bag

When heading out on the water make sure you have a waterproof gortex outer layer, a hat, and a wool or synthetic under layer, don't forget your dry pack!
Even when hiking on a hot summer day, it can get very windy at the top of the peak.  Be sure to bring a hat and long sleeve outer layer for when it gets chilly.  Light weight hiking shoes are far more versatile than thick chunky hiking boots.  Whatever you chose, just make sure they are comfy and broken in!
It's also a good idea to have pair of hiking poles if you will be enjoying any of Alaska's many trails. Some can have loose gravel and a good set of poles will help keep your footing!  Also a pair of nylon pants will come in very handy.  They can be zipped off if you get hot along the trail and are fast drying if on a glacier cruise or kayaking trip. Of course don't forget the backpack to roll it all up in when taking layers on and off.

A sunny warm day in Alaska can still be quite chilly when your ship pulls up to a glacier.  Be sure to wear enough layers, and have a warm hat and sun glasses so you can spend more time out on deck! Don't forget the camera!

Our final recommendation is to talk with tour operators and see what they provide and what you will need to bring.  Although the list above is fairly comprehensive, tour operators know first-hand what their guest’s experience and I can assure you they want you to be as comfortable as possible and to make the most of your adventure!  

Credits: Thank you to Gina Gibbons for allowing me to use her photos from her many Alaskan adventures, and to Logan Claytor and Charlotte Crowder... You are all great dressed Alaskans! Oh and don't forget Gracie the pooch! 
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